Mummy Mondays!

We’re now on week 2 of the Easter Holidays and it feels like it’s going to be a tough week.

Last week was lovely, out and about walking everyday, happy kids and lots of fun…then the weekend arrived and it all went to shit. Both kids now have colds, Charlie’s got an attitude that puts hormonal teenagers to shame and has also decided that the bedroom wall is a great place to write literature.

But it’s Monday and the start of a blank page. We’ve taken refuge at home so we can just chill out and get ready for more fun during the week.

So my mummy Monday has consisted of a lovely hot cup of tea, baking cookies and a cheeky hour long nap!!! Safe to say I’m feeling much happier and ready to feel more optimistic! And because it’s Monday I’m looking forward to consuming cookies, drinking wine and watching Broadchurch.

There is no age limit when it comes to naptime so if you feel a bit sleepy, you have that nap and you enjoy it!
Wind down, relax and enjoy! I’ll post the cookie recipe soon!

Danielle x


Lydias weaning journey!

We are officially on the road to weaning!

Lydia is now 20 weeks old which some may say is too young for weaning, but as her parent it is my decision to make.

Over the last 6-8 weeks she has been spitting up much more than usual to the point where she brings up entire bottles…cue soaked mumma, baby and never ending washing. Turns out she just guzzles her bottles down and makes a pig of herself…also downing 3x7oz bottles of hungry baby milk in 4 hours was a bit of a giveaway that she needed more than just milk!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be keeping you posted with the foods Lydia has been eating, her reactions and recipes for you to try for you and your little ones.

P.s I am not a health professional but do have an educational background in nutrition. If you think your child may be ready for weaning go along with your instincts but also get advice from your health visitor as every child is different.

Danielle x

Mummy Mondays!

I think I’m going to start a new weekly post!

This will be especially dedicated to what I do for a bit of me time and to make me feel like a better woman and in turn a better mum.

Today was the first day of the Easter Holidays so it’s a good day to start something fresh and new. We started the day by going for a long(ish) walk to my friends house so the boys could play in the garden and blow off some steam.

I thought I’d be really good and make myself a healthy(ish) lunch so I didn’t have to buy and last minute junk food and a big bottle of water to keep me hydrated, safe to say I felt pretty smug and pretty good.

Because of the fresh air both kiddies were asleep by half 7 and I got to enjoy the mother of all baths.

I can now go to bed feeling pretty good about myself and smelling like the Caribbean 🍍

What do you do like to do for a bit of me time? What makes you feel like a better person?

Danielle x

Easter holidays!

The easter holidays are here and the kids have got a little over 2 weeks off! Part of me is so excited of no school runs and plenty of memories with my sprogs…but 17 DAYS! What the hell am I supposed to do? Where am I going to find some sanity? Is there going to be enough food in the house to keep a ravenous nearly 5 year old full? 

My goal is to try and capture the days with little videos as my mum is holidaying in Goa and I’m desperate to attempt YouTube but I just don’t have the balls.

My other goal is to try and do something fun everyday so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the school holidays as they always go far too quickly.

Is anyone else on easter break? If so what do you have planned for the time off?
Danielle x 

What’s in my changing bag.

Apart from the baby, the changing bag is the main thing that goes everywhere with you and it’s content always changes on a daily basis. 

I got my gorgeous Cath Kidston changing bag at my baby shower and it’s definitely a brilliant item that fits everything in there for a day out with Lydia. My one is no longer on the website but they have some gorgeous designs to choose from whether you’re having a girl or a boy.

The bag comes with a bottle holder and changing mat, it also has multiple pockets for all different uses.

On a typical day with Lydia I pack:

  • 4 nappies
  • Water wipes
  • Sudocrem
  • Nappy sacks

    There’s also a change of clothes in case of any catastrophic nappy changes.

    We’re now hitting the teething stage so to keep her as pain free as possible I pack:

    • Nelsons teetha teething granules
    • Dentinox teething gel
    • Sophie la giraffe teething toy

      Most of the time we’re out for the majority of the time Charlie’s at school so for feeding time I pack:

      • 2 mam anti colic bottles 
      • 2 pots of formula
      • 2 bibs as she’s a messy feeder
      • 2 muslin cloths to wipe up sick
      • Tommee tippee bottle warmer

        Now this sounds like hell of a lot to fit into one changing bag, but it all fits in nicely with enough room left for my phone, keys and purse.

        What are your must haves in a changing bag?

        Danielle x

        Lydia Rose 4 month update!

        My little beauty is 4 months old already and time really is passing far too quickly.

        Her huge personality is shining through so much for someone so small. Happy and smiling whenever someone talks to her but she holds a very special smile for me and is proving to be very much a mummies girl.

        She’s fascinated with everything going on around her and mealtimes are proving to be slightly uncomfortable with her huge eyes watching our every mouthful, even more so now she’s in her high chair 😮 how did my little baby get so big! We haven’t started our weaning journey properly yet but will be sure to document it when we do, such a huge milestone.

        This week marks another big milestone…transitioning from the crib to a cotbed. We made the decision to put her into the cotbed sooner than we were hoping as she loves to wriggle in her sleep, in turn she kept moving up to the top corner of the crib and waking herself up, she definitely appreciates the bigger space and we’re definitely enjoying the full nights sleep again.

        As a woman and a mother I’m definitely starting to feel more happy and confident within myself and want to push myself further with my blogging ambition, hopefully I can bite the bullet and launch myself into YouTube someday. As I’ve discovered from social media, the community can be so friendly and helpful.

        I’ve got a few blog posts planned and you never know by the time they go up you may hopefully see me on YouTube!

        Hope you all have a good week! It’s Saturday night and I’m enjoying a well deserved glass of wine 🍷

        Danielle x

        We are parents first!

        Today I came across a very powerful video and it really got me thinking.

        As parents we are subjected massively to judgement and criticism, it’s as though no matter what we do for OUR child it’s not right or normal in the eyes of others. 

        As parents (not just mothers or fathers) we need to start uniting as a whole and respecting other people’s parenting decisions…so what the woman opposite you at baby group isn’t bringing up her child the way you are, just smile and acknowledge that mum is doing what is best for her and her baby.

        Vaginal, c-section, home or hospital birth, baby has arrived safely which is the end goal.

        Breast or bottle, baby is fed, who cares.

        Co-sleeping, Moses basket, cot, baby is sleeping (not always) but they lay comfortable and safe.

        Baby wearing or pram pushing, either way baby is going where you’re going.

        Stay at home parent, working parent, whatever works best for the family.

        Puree foods or finger foods…baby is trying some new foods simple as, are you a fussy eater because you had a jar of cottage pie? No? Say no more.

        The list is endless but I hope you get the gist. As long as parent and baby are happy then why judge. It’s 2017 for crying out loud why must people still feel like they have to defend their parenting decisions.

        Have you ever had your decisions questioned? I’m intrigued to hear people’s opinions from across the blogging community!

        Danielle x 

        Lydia Rose 3 month update.

        I have been so slack on the blog front, it’s been seriously neglected. 

        The last month has been a bit of a weird one. Me and Lydia attempted various baby groups which was a massive fail…anxiety stopped me staying at 1 group more than 10 minutes and at another Lydia really protested against baby massage.

        In the last 4/5 weeks my little Lydi-lou has started to roll from front to back, giggle with delight and produce a fair amount of gorgeous red hair 😍

        According to her growth chart she’s dropped a centile but is gaining weight nicely…draining every bottle and now starting to fit in some gorgeous 3-6 month outfits.

        Her favourite toys are the Lamaze sensory toys which we now have a pretty good collection of, Beat Bo junior and her Guess How Much I Love You nutbrown hair.

        We adore story time together and Charlie has become the impressive big brother by reading her lots of books too, much to her delight.

        Our next milestone is sitting up unaided. We have a bumbo and a sit up ring so we are practising that and hopefully be well on the way in the next couple of months.

        It’s time for me to get my butt into gear and get some serious blog content planned.

        Hope you’re all happy and healthy and hope to connect with you all properly again soon.

        Danielle x 

        Lydias 2 month update.

        My beautiful Lydia Rose is now 2 months old and it has flown by way too quickly. It’s crazy how much she has grown and changed.

        She’s now 11lb 4oz in weight which is only 1lb more compared Charlie when he was 2 months old…not too bad considering he was breastfed and she’s formula fed. Also feeding 5oz every 2-3 hours which gives me a little bit of time inbetween to at least pee and have something to eat…even stretching to go for a walk further than the school.

        Some people dub the tv as a babysitter and curse parents that plonk their baby infront of the screen…when Disneys “The Lion Guard” comes on there’s nothing I love more than hearing her squeal with happiness whilst I quickly dash to do the washing up, laundry or empty the bins…it never ceases to amaze me how much you can get done in a VERY short window.

        We love our quiet time during the day which consists of reading books and playing with toys together. Her current favourite toy is the Lamaze Clip and Go Muffin the Moose. We picked this up from Toys r Us when she was a week old and its only really been the last week or so she’s taken a shine to it and all of its amazing sensory features…previously she just screamed in its face. I’m yet to find a nice toy mirror to put infront of her for when she has tummy time, she loves laying on her front and is fascinate by her reflection. During our quiet time we cuddle up on the sofa until she falls asleep for a nap.

        The bedtime routine is pretty easy with her, I only bath her once a week to stop her skin drying out too much, but inbetween washes I go over her with Johnsons Top to Toe washcloths which smell amazing and give her a little massage using Kokoso. She then goes upstairs and I’ll read her a story whilst giving her a bottle, that gives more than enough time to burp her properly so she doesn’t get a bellyache and spit up everywhere. Finally whilst she’s drowsy I’ll pop her in a GroBag in her crib and put Ewan the Dream Sheep on. Within 20 minutes she’s fast asleep for the night and hello “me time”.

        Now that the weather is warming up and I’m not feeling so achy from the hips down anymore I’m gradually increasing the distance I walk with the pram, getting outdoors is something that I want both of my kids to enjoy and love.

        My ultimate goal for this year is to be more confident in myself and not be so hard on myself. For as long as I can remember, most probably way before my teens, I always criticised my appearance. was never happy in my own skin and never felt I was good enough. But now I have two beautiful children and I don’t want them to have a negative attitude about themselves so 2017 is going to be a positive year.

        It’s been a while.

        Major apologies are in order here! I’ve been extremely slack on the blog, I haven’t had the motivation to keep up with it if I’m being perfectly honest.

        Having a new baby has certainly impacted family life and I was rather naive in thinking it would be a walk in the park.

        As we were approaching the end of week 2 Lydia was becoming very fussy and unsettled and not feeding well and we couldn’t work out why, turns out after a phonecall to the health visitor and a trip to the doctors, Lydia was diagnosed with oral thrush making it increasingly difficult and painful for her to feed from me. On the Thursday after hours of screaming from Lydia and tears from me I gave her a bottle and she was much more happy and content, although it upset me a little bit, but my little girl was fed which is the main thing.

        After a very long and tiring weekend of combination feeding, tears, screaming and lack of sleep, I eventually decided it was time to make a permanent move onto formula, a choice that did break my heart a little as I was so determined to breastfeed like I did with Charlie, but hearing her scream in pain/hunger broke my heart even more.

        Week 3 and a whole week on formula had resulted in a much quieter and happy household and Lydias thrush had cleared up. Weight gain was going well and she was enjoying all the fuss and the attention that newborns bring. Although as we got closer to week 4 the thrush appeared again.

        During week 4 we hit our first big milestone…Lydia smiled for the first time, feeling ever so smug that it was on my birthday too. She still had oral thrush which made the week a little bit longer as she was a little bit fussy feeding wise, but still content and sleeping through. I also had my first night out..I lasted 3 hours before I came home (still sober) but it was the longest I’d been apart from her since she was born.

        Week 5 was the start of the school Christmas holidays so I had both kiddies at home with me. It was an eventful week of planning the Christmas dinner, christmas activities with Charlie and attempting to wrap all the presents. Lydia also came with me for a pre christmas dinner night with the girls, everyone fussed over her and I got asked to be a bridesmaid!

        Week 6 and Christmas had been and gone, we spent it at home this year which was a first for me, every christmas since I was a kid has been spent going from house to house, carting numerous bags and toys in the process. Both kiddies were extremely spoilt and nobody got food poisoning from my first ever christmas dinner. Lydia had her 6 week check and was a 10/10 for her, I also had my 6 week check and apart from post-natal depression and anxiety I’ve recovered pretty well.

        Week 7 and it was the last few days before Charlie went back to school so we spent them going for walks and having playdates with my friend who’s 2 children are the same age as mine sparing a few months difference. I was rather looking forward to getting into a routine again and having some one on one time with just me and Lydia, plus Charlie had nearly 3 weeks off school!

        Week 8 and the school routine was in full throttle and Lydia and I were barely in the house, we made sure we always had something planned. She had her first lot of vaccinations and they were awful, but she settled so much better after compared to Charlie…good old calpol. She’s also slowly starting to hit another new milestone…GIGGLING! On friday she gave a little giggle but I’m sure it was a fluke as it’s now sunday and we haven’t had one since.

        Lydia is now approaching week 9 and I can’t wait to see what this week brings. I’m also going to try and be a bit more on the ball with blogging now that we’re in a much better routine that works for all of us.

        Danielle x