Lydias weaning journey part 2

The next stage of Lydias weaning journey was originally meant to be an introduction to more textured purees but we’ve decided to start introducing finger foods instead.

To be honest I’m still pretty confused on the whole puree thing so I’m just going to “wing it”…either way she’s trying new foods right?
So far Lydia has been having baby porridge about an hour after her morning bottle and it’s been going down a treat…apart from banana porridge, she gagged at the first taste, persevered over a few days but she wasn’t having any of it.

We’re now ready to start introducing lunch and dinner to keep my little piggy fed and happy. I’m hoping to be able to give her a variety of finger foods for lunch with a fruit puree for after, and our family meal for dinner either just popped on her highchair or whizzed down to a more textured puree.

As Lydia is very demanding when it comes to food I love the idea of having some handy finger foods to hand to pop on her highchair for breakfast, lunch and dinner so any recipes you other mummies have will be much appreciated.
Danielle x


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