Lydia Rose 6 month update.

6 months, half a year, where has the time gone!

My darling girl it’s been 6 months since you entered the world and so far it’s been magical but hard bloody work with you and your brother.

You’re now 16lb 4oz, eat 3 meals a day and still love your milk. You wear some gorgeous 6-9 month clothes and you still keep your headbands on.

Your favourite toys are the jumperoo, baby Annabelle and the remote control; your favourite food is pasta Bolognese; your favourite programme is Shimmer and Shine and your favourite song is “wind the bobbin up”.

Milestone wise you are sitting up so confidently and strong, bum shuffling across the room and bouncing up and down on your bottom when you get excited.

You love your brother so much and find him so stupidly funny, whatever he seems to do he always puts a huge smile on your face.

I can’t believe you’re half a year old already!

I’m hoping that we’ve moved house by the time she’s 1, that’s the goal. By that time I should be back at work and saving up for the future, a holiday to Disneyland Paris is being talked about so hopefully for Charlie’s 7th birthday we will be having breakfast with everything Disney!


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