Mummy Mondays!

Another Monday is here, school runs are in full swing and life is just non stop crazy.

I have a massive obsession with cleaning and watching obsessive compulsive cleaners has been my hobby of choice on this week of maternity leave.

I find cleaning rather satisfying and it definitely seems to relax me after a crazy day, I have no control over life but I can control how clean my home is, especially with a nearly 5 year old and a soon to be crawler.

This week sees the arrival of a new washing machine which I’m so excited about…a bigger machine and more eco friendly which should hopefully trigger a decrease in the energy bulls!

We’ve also decided that this year we WILL move house. We’ve only lived in this house just over 3 years but decided just after a year we wanted to move to a bigger house. There was always something getting in the way of moving and the timing was never really right; but this year we WILL be moving before Lydias first birthday which is 6 months a way. It will be a challenge but it’s a manageable one.

Here’s to another week…glass of wine in hand and trash t.v. 

Danielle x


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