Lydias weaning journey part 1.

As Lydia is weaning earlier than 6 months we’re starting off down the puree route rather than baby led weaning. I used the baby led weaning approach with Charlie and loved it, but I’m equally excited to do the puree approach.

There’s alot of hype over Ellas kitchen products so I thought I’d give her weaning method a go and so far I LOVE it. So easy and simple to follow, if you are part of the Boots UK parenting club you can pick up the Ella’s kitchen “a tiny taste of the First Foods Book” for free using your vouchers or the Boots app; or you can download the Ella’s kitchen “first foods” app from the app store or Google play.

The best advice I can give is to start on veggies first, not sure how true the “start on savoury before sweet to avoid a sweet tooth” theory is but veggies are 

  • a) somewhat easier to prepare and puree
  • b) much cheaper as you can buy them fresh or frozen

So far Lydia has tried every vegetable from the first tastes section and there hasn’t been any rejections (clearly has her mother’s appetite) and any purees that were left over have been popped into an ice cube tray ready to be defrosted and warmed up.

Prepping and cooking these first purees is so simple! Wash the vegetables, peel what needs peeling, chop what needs chopping into small cubes, boil for 12-15 minutes then drain and whiz into a smooth puree with a couple of tablespoons of water using a blender or hand mixer.

Our next stage is to add some simple finger foods and more lumpier meals.

What were your little ones first tastes?

Danielle x


3 thoughts on “Lydias weaning journey part 1.

  1. Hi! I used this method with my little boy at 6 months, and it worked really well for us too. He’s now 9 months, and completely fed up with anything that goes on a spoon. He’s crazy for wafers, fruit puffs, and generally anything he can hold himself. I was wondering if you had any home made/healthier finger food ideas? He’s got 8 teeth, but not the best chewer! He’d rather shove it down all in one. Anna x

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    1. Hi thanks for the lovely comment šŸ™‚ I’m currently sourcing some healthy/homemade finger food ideas so as soon as I find some I’ll pop them on here. Fruity oat bars tend to be a hit with littles or even some little savoury muffins that just melt in the mouth x


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