Lydias 5 month update!

My sweet baby girl you are now 5 months old! It really has flown by and the milestones you’re reaching is incredible!

Lydia is such a happy baby and so much easier compared to her brother when he was her age. 

She currently weighs 15lb 4oz and is inbetween sizes (3-6 and 6-9) because of her length. She’s also drinking up to 6 7oz bottles a day and having foods too.

She sleeps like a dream and has 2-3 naps depending on what we’re doing and if we’re travelling in the car.

Her favourite toy is by far the jumperoo and she can spend a good 20 minutes bouncing away and spinning around in circles. She also loves her baby Annabel doll and Fisher Price beat belle which were easter presents.

She started sitting up around 4 and a half months and is so strong now! Her bouncy chair is no longer being used and she loves playing on the floor with her big brother. We seem to have skipped rolling over but along with her sitting upright she’s also been shuffling backwards on her bottom.

She loves all vegetables and most fruits, the only fruit we’ve had complete refusal of is banana…but with me and my mum not being able to stand them it must be genetics!

With artificial grass now laid down in the back garden we’re looking forward to getting some sunshine and spending the summer outdoors.


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