Mummy Mondays!

We’re now on week 2 of the Easter Holidays and it feels like it’s going to be a tough week.

Last week was lovely, out and about walking everyday, happy kids and lots of fun…then the weekend arrived and it all went to shit. Both kids now have colds, Charlie’s got an attitude that puts hormonal teenagers to shame and has also decided that the bedroom wall is a great place to write literature.

But it’s Monday and the start of a blank page. We’ve taken refuge at home so we can just chill out and get ready for more fun during the week.

So my mummy Monday has consisted of a lovely hot cup of tea, baking cookies and a cheeky hour long nap!!! Safe to say I’m feeling much happier and ready to feel more optimistic! And because it’s Monday I’m looking forward to consuming cookies, drinking wine and watching Broadchurch.

There is no age limit when it comes to naptime so if you feel a bit sleepy, you have that nap and you enjoy it!
Wind down, relax and enjoy! I’ll post the cookie recipe soon!

Danielle x


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