Lydias weaning journey!

We are officially on the road to weaning!

Lydia is now 20 weeks old which some may say is too young for weaning, but as her parent it is my decision to make.

Over the last 6-8 weeks she has been spitting up much more than usual to the point where she brings up entire bottles…cue soaked mumma, baby and never ending washing. Turns out she just guzzles her bottles down and makes a pig of herself…also downing 3x7oz bottles of hungry baby milk in 4 hours was a bit of a giveaway that she needed more than just milk!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be keeping you posted with the foods Lydia has been eating, her reactions and recipes for you to try for you and your little ones.

P.s I am not a health professional but do have an educational background in nutrition. If you think your child may be ready for weaning go along with your instincts but also get advice from your health visitor as every child is different.

Danielle x


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