What’s in my changing bag.

Apart from the baby, the changing bag is the main thing that goes everywhere with you and it’s content always changes on a daily basis. 

I got my gorgeous Cath Kidston changing bag at my baby shower and it’s definitely a brilliant item that fits everything in there for a day out with Lydia. My one is no longer on the website but they have some gorgeous designs to choose from whether you’re having a girl or a boy.


The bag comes with a bottle holder and changing mat, it also has multiple pockets for all different uses.

On a typical day with Lydia I pack:

  • 4 nappies
  • Water wipes
  • Sudocrem
  • Nappy sacks

    There’s also a change of clothes in case of any catastrophic nappy changes.

    We’re now hitting the teething stage so to keep her as pain free as possible I pack:

    • Nelsons teetha teething granules
    • Dentinox teething gel
    • Sophie la giraffe teething toy

      Most of the time we’re out for the majority of the time Charlie’s at school so for feeding time I pack:

      • 2 mam anti colic bottles 
      • 2 pots of formula
      • 2 bibs as she’s a messy feeder
      • 2 muslin cloths to wipe up sick
      • Tommee tippee bottle warmer

        Now this sounds like hell of a lot to fit into one changing bag, but it all fits in nicely with enough room left for my phone, keys and purse.

        What are your must haves in a changing bag?

        Danielle x


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