Lydia Rose 4 month update!

My little beauty is 4 months old already and time really is passing far too quickly.

Her huge personality is shining through so much for someone so small. Happy and smiling whenever someone talks to her but she holds a very special smile for me and is proving to be very much a mummies girl.

She’s fascinated with everything going on around her and mealtimes are proving to be slightly uncomfortable with her huge eyes watching our every mouthful, even more so now she’s in her high chair 😮 how did my little baby get so big! We haven’t started our weaning journey properly yet but will be sure to document it when we do, such a huge milestone.

This week marks another big milestone…transitioning from the crib to a cotbed. We made the decision to put her into the cotbed sooner than we were hoping as she loves to wriggle in her sleep, in turn she kept moving up to the top corner of the crib and waking herself up, she definitely appreciates the bigger space and we’re definitely enjoying the full nights sleep again.

As a woman and a mother I’m definitely starting to feel more happy and confident within myself and want to push myself further with my blogging ambition, hopefully I can bite the bullet and launch myself into YouTube someday. As I’ve discovered from social media, the community can be so friendly and helpful.

I’ve got a few blog posts planned and you never know by the time they go up you may hopefully see me on YouTube!

Hope you all have a good week! It’s Saturday night and I’m enjoying a well deserved glass of wine 🍷

Danielle x


2 thoughts on “Lydia Rose 4 month update!

    1. I kept Charlie in the crib until he was 6 months but he didn’t sleep as well as what she does. It hasn’t been as emotionally difficult second time round with the milestones and changes x


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