We are parents first!

Today I came across a very powerful video and it really got me thinking.


As parents we are subjected massively to judgement and criticism, it’s as though no matter what we do for OUR child it’s not right or normal in the eyes of others. 

As parents (not just mothers or fathers) we need to start uniting as a whole and respecting other people’s parenting decisions…so what the woman opposite you at baby group isn’t bringing up her child the way you are, just smile and acknowledge that mum is doing what is best for her and her baby.

Vaginal, c-section, home or hospital birth, baby has arrived safely which is the end goal.

Breast or bottle, baby is fed, who cares.

Co-sleeping, Moses basket, cot, baby is sleeping (not always) but they lay comfortable and safe.

Baby wearing or pram pushing, either way baby is going where you’re going.

Stay at home parent, working parent, whatever works best for the family.

Puree foods or finger foods…baby is trying some new foods simple as, are you a fussy eater because you had a jar of cottage pie? No? Say no more.

The list is endless but I hope you get the gist. As long as parent and baby are happy then why judge. It’s 2017 for crying out loud why must people still feel like they have to defend their parenting decisions.

Have you ever had your decisions questioned? I’m intrigued to hear people’s opinions from across the blogging community!

Danielle x 


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