Lydias 2 month update.

My beautiful Lydia Rose is now 2 months old and it has flown by way too quickly. It’s crazy how much she has grown and changed.

She’s now 11lb 4oz in weight which is only 1lb more compared Charlie when he was 2 months old…not too bad considering he was breastfed and she’s formula fed. Also feeding 5oz every 2-3 hours which gives me a little bit of time inbetween to at least pee and have something to eat…even stretching to go for a walk further than the school.

Some people dub the tv as a babysitter and curse parents that plonk their baby infront of the screen…when Disneys “The Lion Guard” comes on there’s nothing I love more than hearing her squeal with happiness whilst I quickly dash to do the washing up, laundry or empty the bins…it never ceases to amaze me how much you can get done in a VERY short window.

We love our quiet time during the day which consists of reading books and playing with toys together. Her current favourite toy is the Lamaze Clip and Go Muffin the Moose. We picked this up from Toys r Us when she was a week old and its only really been the last week or so she’s taken a shine to it and all of its amazing sensory features…previously she just screamed in its face. I’m yet to find a nice toy mirror to put infront of her for when she has tummy time, she loves laying on her front and is fascinate by her reflection. During our quiet time we cuddle up on the sofa until she falls asleep for a nap.

The bedtime routine is pretty easy with her, I only bath her once a week to stop her skin drying out too much, but inbetween washes I go over her with Johnsons Top to Toe washcloths which smell amazing and give her a little massage using Kokoso. She then goes upstairs and I’ll read her a story whilst giving her a bottle, that gives more than enough time to burp her properly so she doesn’t get a bellyache and spit up everywhere. Finally whilst she’s drowsy I’ll pop her in a GroBag in her crib and put Ewan the Dream Sheep on. Within 20 minutes she’s fast asleep for the night and hello “me time”.

Now that the weather is warming up and I’m not feeling so achy from the hips down anymore I’m gradually increasing the distance I walk with the pram, getting outdoors is something that I want both of my kids to enjoy and love.

My ultimate goal for this year is to be more confident in myself and not be so hard on myself. For as long as I can remember, most probably way before my teens, I always criticised my appearance. was never happy in my own skin and never felt I was good enough. But now I have two beautiful children and I don’t want them to have a negative attitude about themselves so 2017 is going to be a positive year.


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