It’s been a while.

Major apologies are in order here! I’ve been extremely slack on the blog, I haven’t had the motivation to keep up with it if I’m being perfectly honest.

Having a new baby has certainly impacted family life and I was rather naive in thinking it would be a walk in the park.

As we were approaching the end of week 2 Lydia was becoming very fussy and unsettled and not feeding well and we couldn’t work out why, turns out after a phonecall to the health visitor and a trip to the doctors, Lydia was diagnosed with oral thrush making it increasingly difficult and painful for her to feed from me. On the Thursday after hours of screaming from Lydia and tears from me I gave her a bottle and she was much more happy and content, although it upset me a little bit, but my little girl was fed which is the main thing.

After a very long and tiring weekend of combination feeding, tears, screaming and lack of sleep, I eventually decided it was time to make a permanent move onto formula, a choice that did break my heart a little as I was so determined to breastfeed like I did with Charlie, but hearing her scream in pain/hunger broke my heart even more.

Week 3 and a whole week on formula had resulted in a much quieter and happy household and Lydias thrush had cleared up. Weight gain was going well and she was enjoying all the fuss and the attention that newborns bring. Although as we got closer to week 4 the thrush appeared again.

During week 4 we hit our first big milestone…Lydia smiled for the first time, feeling ever so smug that it was on my birthday too. She still had oral thrush which made the week a little bit longer as she was a little bit fussy feeding wise, but still content and sleeping through. I also had my first night out..I lasted 3 hours before I came home (still sober) but it was the longest I’d been apart from her since she was born.

Week 5 was the start of the school Christmas holidays so I had both kiddies at home with me. It was an eventful week of planning the Christmas dinner, christmas activities with Charlie and attempting to wrap all the presents. Lydia also came with me for a pre christmas dinner night with the girls, everyone fussed over her and I got asked to be a bridesmaid!

Week 6 and Christmas had been and gone, we spent it at home this year which was a first for me, every christmas since I was a kid has been spent going from house to house, carting numerous bags and toys in the process. Both kiddies were extremely spoilt and nobody got food poisoning from my first ever christmas dinner. Lydia had her 6 week check and was a 10/10 for her, I also had my 6 week check and apart from post-natal depression and anxiety I’ve recovered pretty well.

Week 7 and it was the last few days before Charlie went back to school so we spent them going for walks and having playdates with my friend who’s 2 children are the same age as mine sparing a few months difference. I was rather looking forward to getting into a routine again and having some one on one time with just me and Lydia, plus Charlie had nearly 3 weeks off school!

Week 8 and the school routine was in full throttle and Lydia and I were barely in the house, we made sure we always had something planned. She had her first lot of vaccinations and they were awful, but she settled so much better after compared to Charlie…good old calpol. She’s also slowly starting to hit another new milestone…GIGGLING! On friday she gave a little giggle but I’m sure it was a fluke as it’s now sunday and we haven’t had one since.

Lydia is now approaching week 9 and I can’t wait to see what this week brings. I’m also going to try and be a bit more on the ball with blogging now that we’re in a much better routine that works for all of us.

Danielle x


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