2 week postnatal update!

It’s been 2 whole weeks since my little Lydia Rose entered the world and it’s gone far too quickly.

Weight loss

Not a huge loss this week but 3lbs is pretty good going. I’m being somewhat sensible with what I’m eating, but being careful to make sure I’m eating between 1500 and 2000 calories a day as apparently breastfeeding can burn between 300-500 calories a day. 


Touch wood I’m still really lucky in the sense that Lydia loves a dark room at bedtime and will sleep from around 10pm until 8am with a couple of quick feeds and nappy changes every 3-4 hours. I’ve also found that Ewan the Dream Sheep is definitely a big help, white noise is the new “UK Top 40”.


Lydia’s still regularly feeding every couple of hours and despite losing 5oz in her first week, she’s soon picked it back up and put on 8oz in her second week.

Family Life.

Family life is definitely pretty amazing right now, 2 beautiful healthy children and an amazing partner who I could not be more thankful for, he’s been my rock since Lydia arrived and knows exactly how to handle mad situations, it’s going to be so hard when he goes back to work. Charlie’s behaviour has dramatically improved and he’s such a good helper when it comes to comforting his little sister, and they even share bedtime stories together. I can’t wait to spend Christmas together with my little family and making some more amazing memories. 


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