1 week postnatal update!

So my gorgeous vbac baby is officially a week old!

Life with 2 children is definitely something and the rewards are so worth it.

I have recovered physically and mentally so much better this time around compared to my first labour with Charlie; which has helped massively in adjusting to a family of four!

Weight loss.

So far I have lost a stone and a half which I think is pretty good, I had a lot of water retention so I’m glad I’m much less swollen. I think the weight loss is a combination of the birth itself, eating little and often, going out for walks and breastfeeding.


Given that I’ve got a newborn, I’ve definitely been lucky to have such a content baby that will only wake a couple of times during the night for a quick feed and change and straight back to sleep. Safe to say I’m feeling rather well rested with her sleeping for 2-4hour stretches at a time.


Lydia is breastfed on demand and so far my breastfeeding journey has been plain sailing. It helped that I breastfed Charlie so I had a rough idea with what to do, but I’ve got so much more confidence to go out and not worry about feeding in public.

Family life.

As Lydia was born on a Monday we were soon thrusted back into the school routine when we returned home, but luckily Ryan has been a tower of strength and dealt with the morning routines for me. We’ve tried to keep things as normal as possible for Charlie and got him involved when we can, getting out and about and doing things as a family has helped massively.

So far I’m feeling really great in myself as a girlfriend, a mum and a human and so far no sign of baby blues or postnatal depression which I suffered with when I had Charlie, I truly believe that giving birth to Lydia the way I wanted to helped me heal and give me closure on my emergency section with Charlie.

Danielle x


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