41 week update: overdue!

Yep I’m now officially 1 week overdue. I honestly didn’t see that one coming after convincing myself that she was going to be here early. Note to self and other mums to be…you are in charge of your mind and body and what happens to it; the baby decides when it wants to arrives.

I feel rather tired and drained from not only the physical part of being pregnant, but the mental challenges that come with it too. Not to mention being bombarded by the same questions/comments by the nosey parkers on the school run that only know you as “Charlie’s mum”. 

At my most recent midwife appointment I found out that she’s fully engaged, right way round, head in perfect position and pretty much in the best position for delivery…all she needs is a little bit of nudging and coaxing so was offered a sweep, with her impending arrival being well overdue I wasn’t going to say no!

Then the shit news arrived, as I’m “overdue” they were adamant on booking me in for an induction date, I tried talking my way out of it but nope, induction booked, cue mother of all meltdown and panic attack as I HATE hospitals, it took me long enough to get my head around the idea of having a hospital birth and home within 24 hours; but to be told I could be in there for up to 5 days? They think Beyoncé is a diva…they haven’t met me yet.

I’m not stupid enough to put myself or my baby in any danger, and if there is a medical reason to be in there then I’ll stay blah blah blah, but surely if the mother is anxious and in distress baby will be too?

Luckily I’ve got some pretty fantastic friends and family that will be there to make sure myself, Ryan and most importantly Charlie are more than okay, being away from my little sidekick is what’s hurting me the most.

This week I will:

  • Enjoy a LONG soak in the bath with my Lush “Sex Bomb” bath bomb
  • Go for a nice long stroll
  • Pamper myself to feel more human and release those happy hormones
  • Keep bouncing on that bloody exercise ball
  • Continue to practice my hypnobirthing breathing techniques and positive birth affirmations 

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