39 week bump update&baby’s hospital bag!

I can’t believe the end of my pregnancy is nearly here! I’m so excited to meet my little girl but terrified of the unknown when it comes to having the baby and going from 1 child to 2.

This week has been pretty busy but SO much fun, there will be 2 extra blog posts up to fill you in on all the details.

I was lucky enough to have a bump casting, bump painting and my amazing friends and family organised a surprise baby shower for me.

Baby girls hospital bag.

I didn’t bother packing anything for Charlie and myself when I was pregnant as I’d planned a homebirth, but this time I’ve been super organised and have everything packed and ready in the front room…car seat included!

Little lady is well and truly kitted out with all the florals and pretties…Cath Kidston in particular so this is the bag that all her things will be in. This bag was purchased a couple of years ago so unfortunately no longer available.

Our local hospital doesn’t provide baby items so you have to make sure you take everything you could possibly need with you.

  • Cotton wool balls for gently cleaning any gloop that’s on them…we thought Charlie had dark hair, turns out it was meconium
  • Water wipes as I’ve heard nothing but GREAT reviews on them, great for babies bottoms, even giving yourself a clean up
  • Nappies-I’m not a nappy snob so willing to try all brands, but any nappies are essential (small size of course)
  • Metanium (nappy cream) to prevent sore bottoms
  • Nappy sacks-well, just incase

  • 2 muslins to wipe up any spills or cover up when breastfeeding particularly in busy hospitals
  • Cute little booties
  • Baby Dior comforter which was a tkMaxx BARGAIN find when I was pregnant with Charlie, feels like a waste not using it again

  • Charlie picked out the cardigan for his baby sister so it feels right to use it as soon as she’s born and ready to come home, it’s 0-3 so most probably huge but it’s so soft! Purchased from George at ASDA.
  • Swaddle-my mum got this for the baby as she thought it would be nicer and easier for Charlie to give the baby a cuddle without feeling too nervous about her wriggling and dropping her. This was another tkMaxx purchase.

  • 3 sleepsuits, I got them in the up to 1 month size from Next as she may need a little extra leg room of she takes after Ryan
  • 3 newborn vests, these are from Tu at Sainsbury’s but this particular style may not be available anymore; but they always update their ranges and have some lovely items in there

Im hoping there’s nothing I’ve missed out from her bag, but with the hospital a 15/20 minute drive away from home and a large boots and Tesco inbetween I’m pretty sure we’ll be just fine.

What did you pack in your baby’s bag or planning to pack? I love these sort of hauls!

Danielle x 


2 thoughts on “39 week bump update&baby’s hospital bag!

  1. I wish you all the best and hope all goes well. I think the thing that I wished that I had brought with me was a comfy pillow, the hospital bed was soooo uncomfortable and it would have helped when resting. Home comforts are always good x

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    1. Thankyou lovey ☺️ I didn’t think to bring a pillow, definitely going on my list of things to bring! I’m tempted to bring one of my own fleece blankets to keep me cosy. I didnt have a bag packed with my first as I was convinced I would have a home birth…so this is all pretty new to me lol xx

      Liked by 1 person

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