Blogger recognition award!

Being relatively new to the blogosphere I didn’t think people would read my blog posts let alone a fellow mum blogger nominate me for a blogger recognition award 😳 It’s safe to say I’m pretty pleased.

Thankyou Life with Grace and Beauty for the nomination 😘

How my blog started!

It started when I was finally ready to start announcing my pregnancy to people, I’m terrible at writing a diary and end up losing it amongst the piles and piles of paperwork and notepads I’m forever sorting through. I wanted a reminder of the different stages of my pregnancy and the memories it holds, something I regret not doing with my first. Now I see it as a great place to meet other mum bloggers, gain different parenting perspectives, and let rip any emotions and feelings I have without being judged or looking like a crazy person.

Tips for new bloggers:

I still feel like a bit of a newbie so this is more tips for me as well as other new bloggers out there.

  • Don’t be afraid to write your own words and feelings
  • Find your niche 
  • Network! Follow other bloggers, comment on their posts, follow their other platforms if they have any.
  • Don’t bite back at negative comments-everyone has an opinion.
  • Don’t spam your blog onto other people’s posts…no one likes a needy blogger.
  • Make sure you link your blog to other social media platforms-but just don’t “beg” for followers.
  • Followers and hits take time to build up, be patient and keep writing.

Blogs to follow!


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