38 week bump update!

Being officially in the late stages of pregnancy I wake up in the morning wondering if it’s my last day of being pregnant. 

My sciatica has officially gone so I’m now able to walk like I used to, not quite the distances, but definitely more so the pace. 

It seems as though my post pregnancy workout has already started…bouncing on the exercise ball, squatting to pick things up off the floor, and walking back and forth to the toilet…no wonder I haven’t put on any weight over the last couple of weeks, but baby is growing steadily measuring at 37cm.

It’s half term here in England so the kids get a week off school, it’s strange thinking that this is the last school holiday this year as a family of 3…I’ve been pregnant through all the school holidays so far and conceived baby girl in the first one we had if my dates are anything to go by…valentines weekend!

We’re spending the week doing relaxed activities like baking cakes, doing puzzles and going for plenty of walks if the weather holds out…I’m also going on a trip to Kent for something very exciting for me and bump.

What are you planning on doing during this half term?

Danielle x


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