How do the “Supermums” do it?

They’re always washed, dressed impeccably and hair and make up done to an incredibly high standard…something that I can only seem to half manage if I’m child free or not giving him much attention…cue mummy guilt.

They also tend to have more than one child too, at the school gates lined up ready to go in…EARLY! The kids hair always looks styled to perfection…my boy has hair that is uncontrollable no matter how much gel and combing is used and we’re practically running to the school gate.

As I get closer to my due date I’m slowly starting to freak out that I’m going to struggle to get to the school on time with 2 kids washed, dressed and fed, reading and spellings completed and letters and trips filled in and paid for.

Is there some sort of magic trick or wand to being super organised? Do I need to get up at 5am? Or should I just hire some help in the form of a nanny, hair stylist, make up artist and chauffeur.


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