37 week bump update: rest!

3 weeks to go and the countdown is officially on!

Baby roughly weighs 2.8kg and is roughly 48.6cm long.

Last week we spent the week in Center Parks and i think the rest was definitely well needed. Long daily walks seems to have shifted little lady off the sciatic nerve which I’m ever so pleased about…I no longer walk like I’ve shat my pants. And also I’ve come away calm and relaxed and ready for this baby to arrive without fear or panic.

Nesting instinct has really kicked in and I’ve been cleaning and getting everything completely organised to the point where I’m being told off for doing too much. 

In between nesting and keeping myself occupied I’ve been resting when I can, even Charlie has caught wind and laid in bed with me and played with my hair so I slept for another couple of hours at the weekend (the kid definitely knows).

Hopefully baby arrives soon and doesn’t keep me waiting much longer, although I’ve been told by my mum to keep my legs firmly shut next week whilst she’s on holiday…she’s determined not to miss her granddaughters birth!

Have a great week!

Danielle x 


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