35 week bump update: sciatica

Woohoo 35 weeks pregnant and the end is in sight. I feel like I’m actually going to really miss the pregnant feeling as I’ve missed having a small human growing inside of me and keeping her all to myself and having the precious quiet moments together before I have to share her. 

Baby is cuttently weighing at an estimated 2.4kg and measuring at roughly 46cm according to the baby centre app. I can’t wait to see if she’s Charlie’s double with the blonde hair and blue eyes, or whether she’ll take after the multiple generation of red heads we have in the family.

With the little lady getting herself into the ready position for labour she has also managed to land on my sciatic nerve which is cause a lot of discomfort and a few strange looks on the school run. But having the daytime to myself has meant I can relax in the bath to ease the pain and practice my hypnobirthing.

This weekend will be spent packing all of our things for our family holiday to Centre Parcs…and the hospital bags will be coming with us! I’ve bottled it and decided to take everything including the kitchen sink…I was naive until some people mentioned that my bump has dropped; it could be nothing but you never know with these babies 🙈

Has anyone else suffered with sciatica during pregnancy and how did you handle it?

Danielle x 


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