34 week bump update: maternity leave!

6 weeks to go and I’m actually feeling a little bit nervous now.

Baby is still head down which is a good sign and laying the right way round, but I’m not naive to think she might do a cheeky turnaround like her brother did.

According to the BabyCentre app she’s 2.2kg and 45cm, although the midwife has said she’s measuring at 33 weeks rather than 34, but she’s still in the normal range.

This week my maternity leave starts and I’m so excited! I’m starting to put a list of things together that I want to do before and after baby arrives:

  • Plan more days out/lunch dates with the ladies
  • Have more family days out at the weekend
  • Scrub the house from top to bottom
  • Practice my hyonobirthing and positive birth affirmations
  • Schedule some proper “me time” including a hair cut
  • Get my little craft business up and running properly 

Can’t wait to spend every weekend as a family of 3 for a few more weeks before we become a family of 4.

Danielle x 


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