33 week bump update: hormonal!

Whoops bad blogger alert missing week 32…I’m blaming being thrusted into the full time school run and remembering to pack Charlie’s school bag, lunch bag and making sure we’re up on time…we thoroughly abused the lie ins over the summer holidays.

We had a few mornings of “I don’t want to go to school” refusal of putting on the school uniform and tears on the playground when it comes to say goodbye, seeing my confident little boy genuinely upset about not wanting to leave my side broke my heart and left me crying behind VERY dark sunglasses…thank goodness for mummy friends who understand.

Oh yes the hormonal monster in me has officially struck…surely people must think before they speak? Apparently not when it comes to speaking to a pregnant lady.

“You kept that one quiet why didn’t you tell me, congratulations!” – because you’re not really a friend/relative or someone I really see and quite frankly you’re just a busybody!
“Your bump is so small/petite is she measuring right?” – why is the size of my bump so important to you? But I’ll take it as a compliment and ignore the fact that you know it’s all gone to my arse and hips.

“I take it you’re having another c-section then!” – Granted some people genuinely don’t know/understand that most women can go for a vaginal (yes I said it) birth after a c-section (vbac). But to assume that I’d go through major abdominal surgery is a bit annoying. 

“Oh my god you’re brave trying for a vbac.” – and the thousands of other woman who aren’t having a vbac aren’t? Childbirth is pretty scary no matter how many times you do it or how they enter the world.  

Can’t believe how quickly time is going now. I’ve got 7 weeks to until due date and 2 weeks left at work before I start my annual leave before maternity starts on my actual due date. I can’t wait to start winding down properly and getting my body and mind ready for childbirth.

Baby is approximately 2kg and around 44cm from head to toe, she’s definitely head down now and hopefully the right way round still.

I’m definitely feeling more tired now and a lot more achy, but with my holiday to centre parcs in 3 weeks I’ll be feeling much better.

Baby girls hospital bag is packed (blog post to follow), my beautiful pram has arrived but is staying at my mums until baby is here and the house is very much nearly baby ready ☺️

Have a good week and roll on Autumn 🍂🌰

Danielle x


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