31 week bump update: fat feet

HI! I’m now officially into the single figures and counting down the weeks until my beautiful baby girl arrives…9 weeks! Although by the time this post goes up I’ll be nearly 32 weeks.

My little baby boy has now become a big boy and started big school, I held myself together pretty well given that I’ve got extra hormones in me going craaaazy. I let out a little sob as soon as he put on that big boy school jumper with a smile on his face, it’s been a a tricky summer behaviour wise but he’s taken on a whole new personality starting school and wants to be one of the big children already.

We’re still pretty lucky in England to have some beautiful sunny weather, making the most of the afternoons whilst Charlie does half days at school until next week by going to the park and getting out and about.

Even though it’s been really hot and occasionally rather muggy, ive still been enjoying pregnancy knowing that I’m growing a human. My feet and ankles have decided to get rather fat though, after spending all summer in flip flops I never took much notice until I wore some different shoes…safe to say my feet will remain in flip flops until the blisters have healed and it’s socially acceptable to wear ugg boots!

Baby girls hospital bag is just about packed and ready to be popped in the wardrobe ready for D Day, just need to find a little jacket to bring her home in. I’ll do a “what’s in baby’s hospital bag” post as soon as I find the perfect jacket for her.

Have a great week!

Danielle x 


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