30 week update! 

I can’t believe I’m 30 weeks already, this pregnancy has gone so quick. I was 3 days early with Charlie and I have a sneaky feeling she’s going to be an October baby rather than hang on until early November.

According to the baby centre app she’s now around 39cm and weighs about 1.3kg. I’m not taking those measurements as gospel though as Ryan and his family are super tall and myself and my family are all on the short side.

I’m getting very strong kicks in my ribs and a very heavy almost aching feeling in my pelvis which is a positive sign of her being head down and getting ready to make an entrance, although the mockery at work with me walking like a weeble isn’t too great.

The summer holidays are very much nearly over, my little guy is growing up and ready to take a leap into “big school”, and I’m ready to have a few weeks of normality and routine again.

I’m going to miss having my little sidekick driving me round the twist on a daily basis, but it’s the memories made that I will always treasure, roll on October half term 💙

Danielle x 


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