29 week update!

Can’t believe I missed last weeks blog post 🙈 was a mixture of tiredness and making memories with my crazy family.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been out and about, doing lots of walking and even took a trip to London! Charlie has really come out of his shell and is bursting with a new found confidence when it comes to dressed up characters, although he’s picked up a rather bad attitude which isn’t as fun 😒

It was Charlie’s first trip to London so I was rather anxious about it, busy crowds, long queues and tube hopping, but I needn’t have worried, from 7am-10pm he was an absolute star, full of smiles and cheekiness, no complaints from all the walking around, and found the tube journeys in 30 degree heat rather entertaining.

Our day consisted of a ride on a rickshaw, a trip to M&M world, Shreks London adventure, a dance off with a beat boxer in the middle of Leicester Square (yep he’s definitely confident) and making friends with police officers (just because he could apparently). I would definitely do the trip again!

Pregnancy update: my little lady likes to party at night…all night… so I’m now starting to fret about how on earth I’m going to drag my bum out of bed for the school runs in September, we still have 2 weeks to go so fingers crossed. Lack of sleep has meant I don’t have the “glow” but that’s nothing the right contour kit can’t sort 🙈 

VBAC: I’m going to fight my corner to have the labour that I really want, I have a major fear of hospitals and the Midwives at my local hospital can’t quite seem to give me a straight answer on anything.

I’m definitely going to be making a conscious effort to get more blog posts up, lots of exciting things happening soon, I’ll finally be ordering baby’s bits and pieces and getting hospital bags sorted, lots of hauls and “what’s in my hospital bag” posts will be done.

What do people put in their hospital bags? I was caught short and didn’t pack anything when I had Charlie…I was a bit over confident that I would have a homebirth.

Danielle x 


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