The 27 week update: tired!

From what I’ve discovered this pregnancy has been pretty textbook, morning sickness, sore boobs, indigestion blah blah blah. What I was hoping to avoid due to going to work and running around after a four year old is the lack of sleep as you approach the final trimester

Nope I’m currently writing this post on about 3 hours sleep watching re-runs of Charmed. It’s been like this for the last week or so, 4 hour sleep sessions, wide awake for another 4 hours then dozing off on the sofa again and waking up not knowing what day it is and what planet you’re on.

Physically I’m handling things rather well, my job entails a fair bit of walking around which my body has always been used to, one of the things which I’m hoping will help with labour. Not even the heat is bothering me too much…I must be one of the few pregnant women that relish in being pregnant throughout the summer months.

Emotionally I’m a bit of a monster…I would like to blame it solely on hormones but I know that it’s only a contribution. Lack of sleep, ever changing body, overwhelming sense of “oh shit I really need to get baby stuff ready” and Ryan snoring away without a care in the world. 

I think it’s now a case of feed me chocolates and rub my feet/back/shoulders and tell me I’m pretty.

Any tips on how to get some decent sleep right now would be so helpful, although having a beach view whilst watching the sun come up isn’t all that bad.

Danielle x 


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