Take the good with the bad.

When you’re a parent no day is ever truly the same no matter what the routine is; which is why you have to take the good days with the bad days.

On the bad days “why the hell did I become a parent!”

On the good days “this is why I became a parent!”

Coincidently I’m writing this on a good day, we had a mummy and Charlie day. As nice as it is having Ryan off, it’s been an awfully long time since me and Charlie have had a bit of time to bond and do something together without the hassle of school runs, work and errands which cut into precious times spent together.

When the day is busy, Charlie tends to get very frustrated and tends to play up, standard 4 year old behaviour…which then carries on for a good day or two. Frustrated wild child=stressed out tired mamma…if mamma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.

But when the day is relaxed, easy going and there’s something nice that I can do with him then he’s happy, and in turn I’m much more relaxed and happy too. Cue happy house where I bake cookies and shizz…

You can’t expect children to be happy and extremely well behaved 24/7…we’re not Mary flippin Poppins! But you’ve also got to remember that the bad times aren’t forever, they’re simply just a learning curve. 

Tomorrow is a new day so put on your positive pants mummas and take the good with the bad!

Danielle x 


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