24 week bump update!

16 weeks to go and boy is it warm in Britain right now!

Temperatures have been hitting up to 25-30degrees which is brilliant for getting multiple washing loads dry…being an adult has never been more exciting! It’s not so great for a ginger that burns easily but that’s what factor 30 is for right?

Me and the boys have been making the most of the sunny weather on our days off by playing outdoors and getting some vitamin d on our bones. It’s also been a week of firsts for Charlie bear, he went on his first cinema trip to see “The Secret Life of Pets” and he also went on his first school trip to a local playfarm.

Had my midwife appointment who’s happy with how little lady is growing presenting herself, very strong heartbeat too. I’ve also been having mild Braxton hicks, it’s such a weird feeling but I love it!

The 6 week summer holidays are rapidly approaching…I am so not prepared for this! I’ll be waddling around somewhere with an ice lolly or a bottle of water…maybe even one in each hand!

How do you like to spend sunny days?

Danielle x 


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