My labour story.

My labour with Charlie was pretty plain sailing but delivery was rather traumatic.

WARNING: some parts may be TMI

I woke up around 1am thinking I’d peed myself so I got up and changed the bedsheets (as you would). Pottered around for a bit, messaged my friend and told her “either I’ve pissed myself or my waters have gone”.  Asides from the excited reply she asked if I’d told mum or Ryan…quite simply no as I thought I’d lost control over my bladder.

Half an hour later I had the sudden urge to go to the toilet, it wasn’t pretty, but bye bye mucus plug. Still wasn’t 100% convinced I was in labour (how naive), told Ryan what had happened and told him that even if I was it’ll be ages before anything major happens.

I then woke my mum who’s reaction was to run a bath…FOR HERSELF! Cue steamed up bathroom in the middle of summer so I couldn’t use it for pain relief…I settled for paracetamol,cold drinks and dancing around to Olly Murrs at 2:30/3:00am whilst phoning the labour ward and timing my contractions.

Around 5:30 the midwife arrived and by then the back pain was VERY intense and was rather happy to be given the gas and air…I somehow managed to send a message to my dad to let him know what was going on whilst off my head on gas and 2 hours sleep.

The next 5 hours was a complete blur filled with nearly breaking my mums back during contractions, throwing up, watching Ryan freak out, shouting like a wild animal and traumatising my sister when I felt I  needed to push and thought she was a midwife…whoops!

I got to 9cm when Charlie passed meconium so off we go in the ambulance with the lights and sirens with me saying that the gas wasn’t working…they’d actually ran out!

I’m then in the delivery room being strapped up to a monitor to check on Charlie’s heartbeat, doctors were concerned about his dropping heart rate so they done a scratch test on his scalp and demanded I go to theatre immediately for an emergency c-section. From that moment all I can remember is mum and Ryan crying with fear and worry  as they couldn’t come in with me, and me screaming at the surgeon to hurry and get my baby out safely…I think they were grateful for a quiet, crazy hormonal lady when the general anaesthetic kicked in and knocked me out.

At 13:23pm Charlie came into the world via the sunroof weighing 6lb 11oz. When I woke up my first words to Ryan were”did you come in with me?” His face was priceless “nope but Charlie’s here”. I saw the beautiful little bundle with a little hat on and fell in love pretty quickly. 

How did your little cherubs enter the world? 

Danielle x 


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