23 week update!

This week I’ve finally stared to cut down my working hours and I feel SO much better for it; obviously this isn’t a choice everyone can make but if you can do it, go for it.

This week I’ve channeled my extra time into getting the house ready for baby, cleaning, decluttering and feeling much more happier and relaxed.

Also I managed a trip into the city to finally start having a proper look at prams, I’m definitely more picky compared to when I had Charlie. 

Baby is growing nicely as always and moving around plenty to let me know she’s okay. 

Had my first VBAC appointment at the hospital to discuss my birth plans, they weren’t too keen when I said I wanted to try for a home birth again, being put in touch with consultants and supervisors of midwives to try and compromise on an alternative…apparently I need closure on my previous c-section and why it happened.

Pram advice is always welcome šŸ™‚ also any mamas out there had a VBAC or even a second c-section? Open to all options right now.

Danielle x 


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