22 week update: team no sleep!

18 weeks to go!

This week we have all joined team “no sleep”.  The weather in Britain is pretty humid and muggy right now, not fun and pretty tough to sleep in. Although on the hotter days it’s been so nice to wear my dresses at fine last!

Bump is growing nicely and she’s such a fidget bum. She loves to have a wiggle and a move around when I have a bath, something I didn’t really notice with Charlie.

Dairy milk triggers off my indigestion which I’m gutted about, but with gaviscon on prescription it’s definitely a life saver…even if it does taste disgusting.

Leg cramps are awful right now, both legs just sieze up, although I’m definitely milking it with the leg rubs and bubble baths though.

Any tips to help with indigestion and leg cramps much appreciated.

Danielle x


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