Putting vanish to the test!

Kids are messy. No matter how hard you try you just simply cannot avoid mess, whether it be a toybox explosion, pee on the floor or stubborn stains on clothes.

This is not a sponsored, endorsed or a paid post…I’ve seen so many reviews on Vanish and wanted to see for myself and let you all know if it’s actually worth the purchase.

£10 a tub from my local Tesco!

Charlie loves nothing more than running around outside, skidding over playing football and landing in fruit that’s been dropped for the birds, this time it was raspberrys on a brand new shirt 🙈

I knew it was time to act fast so after wiping the worst off with a damp cloth I got the pile of washing ready and the vanish out ready to use.

Following the instructions I put 1/4 measurement (you get a scoop in the tub) of powder and 3/4 water into an old cup and mixed well together.

I then poured a little solution at a time over the stain, left for 5 minutes and rubbed in a circular motion using the little studs on the bottom of the scoop…then popped it straight into the wash with the rest of the clothes, 30degrees normal cycle.


To my amazement the stains have actually gone! I believe that the best way to get this stuff to perform at its best is to catch the stain fast to protect your clothes for longer. If you only have one item that needs stain removal use less powder/water solution…a little will definitely go a long way with this product so you’re guaranteed cost per use.

Charlie’s lovely new shirt is now stain free and ready to wear again…with Charlie’s birthday fast approaching and school in September there are bound to be more stains on his clothes…looking forward to using this product again and again.

Hope you other mums get brilliant results like I did…leave a comment below to share your results!

Danielle x 


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