20 week update!

So I’m now officially 20 weeks and hopefully halfway through my pregnancy.

Normally through the second trimester you feel more energised but I’m definitely feeling more exhausted this time round, having an older child to run around after and another job whilst pregnant is a bit harder than I imagined…big love and respect that have more than 1 child whilst carrying a baby!

At a private 4d scan at 16 weeks I was told I have an anterior placenta so wasn’t expecting to feel movements until at least 22 weeks, but last Sunday after a roast dinner I felt a bubbling in my tummy, having just eaten I thought it may be wind and brushed it off, but I felt it again later on that evening and a couple more days after that. It was then I realised that little lady was moving about and I could feel her *queue excited squeels*.

She likes to move around mealtimes and particularly late at night when I’m winding down to relax in the evening. Charlie was more of a daytime mover so it’s definitely true that no 2 pregnancies or babies are the same.

This week we’ll be planning and getting ready for Charlie’s 4th birthday! It’s definitely gone incredibly quick so I can’t imagine time will be going to slow down anytime soon!

When did everyone else start feeling movements?

Danielle x


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