Pregnant! (again)


As I write this post I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and my goodness we are all so excited as we are having a GIRL! 

We found out about baby on the 28th February and told family a week later on Mother’s Day. This pregnancy has been the complete polar opposite to my pregnancy with Charlie. With Charlie there were no symptoms or side effects apart from the obvious miss period.

This time however I experienced sore boobs from about 6 weeks which lasted until around 14 weeks, morning sickness which started around week 7/8 and didn’t subside until around week 15, but now I’m at that lovely stage of acid reflux, indigestion and the occasional dizzy spell…BUT I’m taking it all with a pinch of salt as I’m fortunate enough to have a healthy baby growing inside of me. Hopefully having an opposite pregnancy will mean a less dramatic labour compared to Charlie. I’ll do a blog post on that at some point.

My reaction to finding out I was pregnant was initially shock, then happiness but also tinged with constant anxiety until I’d had that first scan, something I didn’t really get with Charlie. 

Charlie is super excited to be a big brother and loves kissing my belly and tells me all the things he’s going to do to help look after his baby sister.

As long as baby brain doesn’t interfere too much, I shall try and do weekly updates on baby girl bump to keep you all posted.




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